About CUVB

Columbia United Volleyball (CUV) is a club dedicated to developing highly skilled volleyball players.  We are committed to developing self-confidence, stressing personal development as a volleyball player and as an individual, and educating each athlete and parent about the sport of volleyball.

What makes us Columbia United:

  • We help each girl grow as person. We have several success stories of players who came in very timid or lacked confidence.  Through positive coaching, encouragement and practice, they became great players and found their own confidence.
  • We record all the matches/games and help the players with recruitment videos.
  • We take club, team and individual photos of the players.
  • We take action shots of the players during matches and post on a Shutterfly account.
  • We host club dinners for all the players & parents to meet & year end dinner.

Our Club teams were comprised of 16 girls from 4 different school districts/6 schools in Mid-Missouri.

The club was formed by parents who wanted to offer another option for girls who want to play volleyball and develop their skills.  We want to provide more opportunities for the players to develop their skills and love of the game.